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#87526 - Anyway he walked in and stood under the shower-head and let the water cover him, he was woken from his day dream by two soft hands massaging his shoulders, Hello David! a soft english womens voice said from behind. David's shaft pulsated and with every contraction more and more come came into her throat swallowing every last bit! They finished stood up and walked out of the shower getting dressed they kissed each other and said their goodbyes! David stayed upstairs whilst Rebecca let herself out. It was his wife she was stuck in traffic and she was informing him that she will be a bit late coming home tonight! He pretended to sound alright but really he was disappointed, he loved seeing his kids! He eventually got in the shower he stood as if in a daze when he was certain he heard the acient door bell, again he got his towel and walked downstairs and went to the door, no one was there! Exhausted from training he slowly climbed up the stairs and went back in to the bathr

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