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#144653 - Martin looked at the young visitor and asked Ernie, Who's your friend, or is it a secret!?! Before he answered, Ernie gave Martin’s crotch a squeeze and replied, I found him down at the bus station and for two hundred dollars he'll do us both!!! Both Ernie and Andy, the young man’s name, entered the apartment and sat down on the sofa while Martin went to the kitchen for some refreshments. Martin began idly playing with his now soft cock, and after a moment’s hesitation ordered, “Okay, stud boy, fuck him in the ass!!!” Ernie literally moaned out loud in anticipation of his fucking, and without even being told he leaned over the back of a large easy chair with his legs spread wide and his asshole open and available!!! Andy slid easily behind the old man, and after rubbing his head against the tight opening, he gently moved his hips forward, forcing his hardness into his hot bottom!!! “Oh fuck,” Ernie moaned loudly, “he’s hard as a fucking rock, and so thick, oh god it this

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