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#186181 - She wasn't in her cage anymore, she was on a ship, maybe this man would just let her go when they reached the next port, had they left the port yet? It suddenly occurred to Amelia that she didn't remember any water, nor did she know of a port close by to the cage, how had they reached his ship so fast and where was the crew, she asked herself, making her way to a large bay window, five times the size of her own, that sat behind a large, four poster bed. In her defense she was a little innocent, though worldly smart having read any book she could get her delicate hands on since she was a child, yet she learned her lesson fast, if too late. He kept his thoughts to himself as he conceived to try and keep the girl on board, not against her will but, as a companion of sorts, he was ageing and longed for company.

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Asuna harukaze
Eat her ass
Chaika bogdan
The tic tac ruined it for me tbh