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#120292 - After the women finished they opened the door and all four of the men came in to see her just lying there unable to move her hands and squirming like a fish out of water. As Jen regained her breath she looked up to see all but Sharon standing in front of her, looking at them she begged one last time as she felt Sharon’s hand touch her ass. Taking her nipples in his hand John squeezed them as her eyes began to fill with tears he told her that she was going to scrub her body to his satisfaction while he watched and only then would she be ready to start to make amends for what she had done, with that he lead her to the master bath where then took great pleasure telling her how to wash inside and out, this was bad enough but when he instructed her to shave her neatly trimmed pussy she commented that the reason she kept it short was to keep it from itching, his only comment was either she did it or he would and if he did he might nick h

Read Flaquita Niizuma Osenaka Nagashimasu Ch. 1-12 Gay Domination Niizuma Osenaka Nagashimasu Ch. 1-12

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